McAfee Download – Install and Activate McAfee Product

mcafee activate
mcafee activate

Proceed the McAfee Download to get the best McAfee protection on your device. Make your data 100% secure from hackers, malwares and other threats with McAfee download setup. McAfee antivirus required activation code to download McAfee setup. Also, create the McAfee account so that the user can quickly proceed with the McAfee Download and installation process. 

Get McAfee Download protection –

  1. Visit activation page, e.g. 
  2. Enter the product key. 
  3. Download McAfee and install it.

How to install McAfee antivirus?

Installing McAfee Download antivirus can be done in online and offline both modes. If you have a retail card or purchased the key online, then follow the McAfee Download process.

Download McAfee – Online Installation 

If you have a retail card, then check its backside and find the key. If you have the online key, then check your email and find the code. Follow below steps to proceed McAfee Download

mcafee download
mcafee download

Step 1 – Check the activation link on the retail box guidelines, or go through 

Step 2 – Choose the country and language. You device may try to find your default location, so verify the location before you proceed McAfee download . 

Step 3 – Here, paste the McAfee activate key and submit it. 

Step 4 – Next, log in to MY ACCOUNT page with McAfee account details. Verify the email.

Step 5 – Select the Device type, then choose McAfee download product and click on the download button. 

Step 6 – Accept the agreement and privacy policies with I agree button. 

Step 7 – Start the installation by tapping twice on the setup icon.

Step 8 – A window may prompt to ask for activation code, enter the key and follow on-screen instructions.

McAfee Download – Offline Installation 

Install McAfee antivirus in offline mode. For this, you need to purchase the installation CD which you can get from any of the nearby McAfee store or retail store. Once you get the CD, follow below steps to install it,

  1. Open the CD package. 
  2. Please insert it into the DVD port of your computer.
  3. Wait for the prompt. If it doesn’t show any prompt, then go to My Computer and click on the CD drive.
  4. Copy the whole setup and paste it on the download folder.
  5. Now, double-tap on the setup.exe file.
  6. Install the setup as per instructions.

How do I add a device to my McAfee?

To add a device to McAfee Download for installation. Follow below steps to add a device to McAfee setup –

  • Go to official McAfee login page. You can visit
  • Sign in by submitting the McAfee login details.
  • On the left side, click on Audits menu.
  • Here, select the product and submit the domain address.
  • Click on CONTINUE button. 
  • Here, tap on the Add Device icon and choose one.
  • Follow McAfee activation instructions. 

Download McAfee Mobile Security App 

Download McAfee on your smartphone. McAfee antivirus is available for multiple devices including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Here are the steps to download McAfee on mobile devices-

McAfee Download – For Android

  • Open the Google play store and search for McAfee Mobile Security.
  • Once you get the app, click on the install button.
  • Go to McAfee home page on your browser– home.mcafee.comClick on MY account and then login.
  • On the Subscriptions tab, select the Android on device type.
  • Select the way to send the activation link.
  • Now, open the app on your Android.
  • Click on use icon and tap on the activation code.
  • Copy the activation code from inbox or email.
  • Paste it to the app activation box.
  • Activate the product and create a PIN. 

McAfee Download – For iOS 

  • Go to Apple app store and search the McAfee app.
  • Tap GET and install the app.
  • Sign in with McAfee ID and hit the I ACCEPT button.
  • Tap on Next button.
  • Complete the activation.

McAfee Download and installation product are available for different uses, including business, personal and commercial. User can use McAfee for online as well as offline threat protection.