McAfee Activate Product Key | Enter 25-Digit Activation Code

mcafee activate
mcafee activate

McAfee Activate Product Key offers the user a secure platform to download, install and activate. McAfee antivirus protects multiple devices in one subscription. The subscription requires McAfee Activate Product Key, which further helps in activating the McAfee software. User can get the complete McAfee Activate Product Key guide with retail card or online on the McAfee official site.

McAfee Activate Product Key – How to redeem?

To redeem McAfee Activate Product Key on your device, you must purchase it. Get the keycode online or offline. To redeem it online, reach any of online store and get the key on the email. If you want the offline activation key, then go to a nearby store (retail) and redeem the McAfee Activate Product Key from the retail card. You can buy a CD if your internet connection is slow. CD installation does not need an internet connection and installed quickly.

How do I Activate my McAfee product?

McAfee Activate Product Key
McAfee Activate Product Key

Install McAfee software with McAfee Activate Product Key on your device. Activate the product within a few minutes, make sure your device is compatible with the McAfee version you want to download. Follow the below steps to activate on the computer,

  • Enter the activation link on a web browser or go to
  • From your retail card or email, paste the McAfee Activate Product Key on the corresponding field.
  • If you have created the McAfee account, then sign in to McAfee login page. If you have not the McAfee account, then create one and login.
  • Download the product from the drop-down list.
  • Once downloaded, install the setup.
  • During the installation, enter the McAfee Activate Product Key again and submit it.
  • Activate the setup and complete the installation.
  • To complete the activation process, restart the device.

How do I use McAfee antivirus?

Submit the McAfee Activate Product Key and install the McAfee antivirus. To know about install and use McAfee antivirus on your system, follow below steps,

  • Download McAfee security from
  • Install it with McAfee Activate Product Key and activate the setup.
  • Once complete the installation, restart the device.
  • Now, after the restart, open the McAfee antivirus.
  • It can ask you to login with McAfee account. 
  • Therefore, enter the details and sign in.
  • Now, the start window of the McAfee will be appearing.
  • Here, multiple option is available such as full scan, deep scan and others.
  • If you want a full device scan, then hot the full scan button.
  • Similar to another scanning, you can click according to your desire.

How to enter McAfee serial number?

If you have been successfully redeemed the McAfee Activate Product Key , then you can enter McAfee serial number to activate the setup. Follow below steps to enter McAfee serial number –

  1. If you have not installed the setup, then go to activation link and McAfee Activate Product Key there, then install the setup.
  2. If you have installed the McAfee software, then follow the next steps.
  3. Open the McAfee program.
  4. Here, on the menu, hit the Subscription section.
  5. Now, enter McAfee serial number and submit it.
  6. Tap on the Activate button. It is done now.